Safety of Long-Acting β-Agonists in Stable COPD

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本期Chest有一篇探討有關COPD病患使用Long acting beta-2 agonist (LABA)用於COPD病患的安全性的systemic review,結論是LABA用於COPD病患應屬安全,如果可以和inhaled corticosteroid一起用會更安全,但tiotropium的效果要比LABA更好。

"Compared to placebo, inhaled LABAs (salmeterol, 50 to 100 µg; formoterol, 4.5 to 18 µg bid) produce a 21% reduction of severe COPD exacerbations. Unlike a previous review, our analysis did not confirm an increased risk for respiratory deaths. Furthermore, this current study showed significant changes in favor of LABAs regarding lung function, quality of life, and use of daily rescue medication with SABAs. However, these effects are of uncertain clinical significance. The benefit on spirometric measure was greater in the subgroup of patients with reversibility to salbutamol. Except for health-related quality of life, in the remaining variables salmeterol and formoterol displayed equivalent effects. However in respect to both exacerbations and lung function, tiotropium showed a degree of superiority over LABAs."